Responsible Travel

We offer motorbike tours discovering the 'Real Thailand' a true adventure motorcycle tour away from mass tourism but also respecting the local people and culture.  

We stay in small, family-run hotels and guesthouses, eat in local restaurants and use local transport as much as possible.  In addition, all local guides and agencies used are considered friends rather than 'business contacts'. The idea being that you will visit as guests rather than as tourists.

Our extensive knowledge of Thailand enable us to offer original itineraries providing a balance between the region's well-known 'must-sees' and off-the-beaten-track  'best kept secrets'.  A Motorbike Thailand Motorcycle tour will provide a real insight into the regions you are visit combining the local culture, history, landscape and natural world packaged into a exciting Adventure Motorbike Tour.

Respect for local people, their cultures, traditions, religions and environment are essential to our philosophy and we work hard to ensure our tour groups have a positive impact on the places and people visited.


Group sizes

We operate small group sizes around 6 people for our dirt bike tours and up to 10 riders for our Road Bike Tours.  Our 'discreet' group sizes lead to less impact both on the environment and the people we visit,  as well as allowing for easy supervision with a more personal feel.  Having been ourselves on motorbike tours around the world we understand the importance of small group sizes with riders of the same ability being a major plus.



Our emphasis is on small family run guesthouses employing local workers, or in the case of larger hotels, non-chain locally owned establishments.  Inclusion of such places in Motorbike Thailand tours provides regular contribution to their income across both high and low seasons to the region.

We sometimes include home-stays on our dirt bike tours,  these maybe the only places available in the more remote regions this provides income directly to the owners of the houses in which we stay as well as indirectly for other members of the village.  Passengers are encouraged to make purchases from the village shops and from the people who made the item such as embroidery from the Karen women for example rather than purchasing from large city shops.

Our Motorbike Tours

8 Day Enduro Dirt Bike Tour of the best riding South East Asia can offer!
7 Day Enduro Dirt Bike Tour for street riders to learn off road biking techniques.
8 Day Dual Sport Motorcycle Tour. The best of both worlds - On Road & Off Road! 
4 Day Enduro Dirt Bike Tour on fantastic Jungle trails in the far North West Of Thailand... 
2 Day Dirt Bike Tour that can be tailored to your Schedule - Budget and Riding Experience!
9 Day Guided Adventure Motorcycle Tour to the Golden Triangle bordering Burma & Laos! 
3 Days of outstanding road touring on the Famous Mae Hong Son Loop.  Unbeatable!
2 Day Motorbike tour on the Mae Hong Son loop to Pai in the stunning Shan Mountains!
2 Days Dual Sport Motorbike Tour - Choose the standard trip or tailor it to your needs.
4 day Dual Sport Motorbike Tour.  Best roads with stunning off road wilderness riding.
How do you want your Dual Sport Motorbike Tour?  Tell us and we'll arrange it for you!   
Guided Motorcycle Road Tours.  Tell us how you want it and leave the rest to us!